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She's a Boss Book Launch!

How to WIN in Life By Taking SMALL Steps to Create GIANT Changes!

An inspiring upcoming Best-selling Book to Launch in October 2022!!!!!!


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She’s a Boss...

Inspiring Stories from Female Leaders Around the World


Do you find yourself dealing with insecurity and self-doubt? Or are you struggling with seemingly unbearable adversity or oppression? In a world filled with chaos, fears, criticism, unrealistic beauty standards, and higher than ever expectations, it is imperative for women to know that other women have broken through barriers of self-limiting beliefs and have overcome these challenges.


She’s a Boss: Inspiring Stories from Female Leaders Around the World, is an extraordinary inspiring book where female leaders from across the world share uplifting stories on how they each overcame impossible odds by taking small steps which created giant changes in their lives. This is a book about courage, resilience and determination. This is a motivational guide where women will learn how to believe, how to achieve their dreams and relearn how to once again trust in themselves. Women will be encouraged to step out and take risks and by doing so will unlock untapped potential. 


Now more than ever, women need to cultivate feelings of personal self-worth, personal self acceptance and explore new ways to “dig deeper” in order to find truth and gratitude within their lives. 


She’s a Boss: Inspiring Stories from Female Leaders Around the World is the perfect book for all women globally. 

She's a Boss Book Launch!

Featuring the inspirational leaders and influencers from the She’s A Boss book project:

  • Monica Ward- Identity Crisis

  • Janis Schiffner- Optimism is the Faith

  • Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.- Mastering Your Identity

  • Amanda Toal- This Girl is on Fire

  • Michelle Harrington- My Time to Outshine

  • Amber Howard- Discovering Partnership

  • Roddie Markel- A Woman Walks into a Crossfit Gym

  • Jordan Sikes- That Girl

  • Caitlin Netzley- This is Just the Beginning

  • Asiya Abdul-Alim- Listen for Your Music

  • Dr Erin Oksol- You’re Too Pretty to be in Jail

  • Sara M. Ruda- Tell it to Yourself

  • Dr Eve Harmony- Heart Resonance

  • Brenna Davis- Finding Your Powerful, Authentic Voice

    What are people Saying?


    “Success is an integration of process and mindset.  Dr. Erin walks you through every step and now I am straight up on fire, in a way I’ve never been before!”

    Wendy Lee Carillo, Founder of Helping Hands for Grands, USA 


    “Incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring. Dr. Harmony manages to take you on a journey from self-doubt to self-love in just a few pages and leaves you with uplifting takeaways that anyone could apply to their own life.” - Lisa Konen, Brand Marketing Director, USA

    “There is SO much honesty and vulnerability in this writing. Monica, You are SO strong! Seriously proud of you, you continue to push past your comfort zone and it’s awesome to see!”  ~ Jesse Harrison, Channel Manager, USA

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