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Monica Ward is a #1 International Best-Selling Author of "Women Who Lead" and "She Made It Happen".

Are you ready to become a leader at the top of your game? - Start by unlocking the secrets which will bring you unyielding success!


Women Who Lead is an easy-to-read guide offering tips to achieve your dreams. Learn from successful female mentors who will show you the process step by step!


These women are influential leaders in their niches, earning the respect and income they deserve. Some of them have been featured on Forbes, TED, international speaking engagements, and high-profile publications.


These distinguished trainers and top professionals share their favorite methods and formulae they've used to become the top names in their industries while balancing their daily lives. These principles are timeless, and you can apply them at your pace within multiple facets of your life, business, and career.


Follow in their footsteps by taking simple, doable actions towards reaching your goals. Your biggest dreams become a reality when using a specific strategy. Create your best life by learning from the most inspiring career and family-driven women across the globe.


Do you have a story to tell that will inspire the world? 

#1 International Best-Selling Authors Monica Ward and Jan Schiffner would like to give you a platform and opportunity to tell your story.

Together they will lead a multi-author book project

that can only be described as pure GOLD! 

This experience will launch you like a rocket into a new realm of possibilities!


Have you ever looked at a really successful woman, and wondered how she made it happen? Especially those women who seem to have pushed boundaries. Those women who are truly inspiring. Those women who seem to have all the secrets to being the strongest of entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share in the wisdom of their experiences?


By carefully watching and learning from those who have achieved the things we want, we can understand more about ourselves – how we can condition ourselves to succeed, to push past limitations and grow a new business to be the very best it can be.


If you’ve read this far, you probably already count yourself as entrepreneurial. The challenge is how to translate that hunger for change into actions which will drive real progress.


In this book, we will take a detailed look at 15 women who have done just that. The women you will meet in these pages have all been exactly where you are now – which is to say, they started something. Often, they stared something with nothing. You can do this too. And here’s how.

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