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Your existence cannot be affected, only the physicality of your existence..

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

No one dies in a time or a way that is not of their choosing.This is one of the most difficult and challenging revelations that we have been given.But this does not make it any less true. Life’s mysteries are impossible to resolve within the limitations of the human mind and the incomplete data of a just emerging species.

At the level of the soul, we can feel that these concepts are in alignment.Individual super conscious will not and cannot move to the next realm without choosing to. Each death serves the purpose of that soul, or it would not occur.Those of us left behind mourning are taken in account. They attempt to ease our pain of loss by showing us that they have not died but simply celebrated their continuation day.

The energy signature of what the soul chooses is the single instance affecting the embodying or disembodying of the soul.It is our choice. This allows comfort to those who might think that someone was taken from them, unjustly. It helps them to realize that their loved ones are moving to their continuation day and have chosen that day.

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