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ONE soul

"We’ve lost our connection to Source and Spirit, to the Oneness of Consciousness."

We blame our body issues or weight, we blame the stock market, we blame our employees and our employers, we blame our kids, our spouses, or whatever it may be.. but ultimately… The problem is that we’re moving through the world with a Broken Connection, and it hurts.

It's so easy to get spun out on the everyday things in life. I get lost in stupid stuff all the time, and I can SEE the beautiful fibers of energy that connect everyone and everything, the spirals of energy dancing between us!

How can we fix that broken connection? The first step is to REMEMBER. Remember that we aren’t truly the separate objects we appear to be. We are individuations of ONE soul living in meat sacks here on this camping trip we call “life”.

If that's tough to wrap your head around, just start with remembering how utterly fantastic I think you are.

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