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Humanity has the ability to change the universal game due to our ability to access source energy and being heart centered. We are the only species that is truly heart centered and living in emotion.

Linear time, illusion of separation, illusion of living one life at a time. It’s not a utopia in the higher dimensions. It’s similar to the 3D with less heart, emotion and more black and white. Think of black and white vs 5000 shades of grey in between. It’s less complicated and more technical or intellectual/logical.

They are all divine source energy just as we are. We are upset with ourselves for refusing to remember we are divinity. Earth will go on without humanity, just like Mars has continued to go on. There is always a duality. You raise your light and there is an equal amount of darkness raising. We must have balance.

Compassion is key. Love is key. Send them love and appreciation for holding up their end of the game. Anger only punishes your own body. Don’t deny you are a divine being of light. Stop playing into the illusion. The lower frequencies of any dimension will be more difficult.

Put yourself into a Now moment where that tumor is no longer in your personal circumstances. Put yourself on the path that is within resonance with the collective. You are a creator being. Choose your path.

You are never required to make a negative or positive choice. Things only have a negative value because that’s what you assign to it. We see things polarized- positive and negative. There truly is no polarization. When you go up in dimensions you see things are not polarized. When you reach the highest level you see only raw data. There is no emotion behind it.

“Negative” experiences give teachings, give growth. When you put yourself into your heart center you begin to see less polarity and the beauty in every situation. You perceive things less as positive and negative you give less judgement.

If there’s some concept that you simply can not grasp, see it as a ball of light and drop it down into your chest. Let it resonate within your heart center, and allow it to unfold. because there is a part of you that knows all of this is true. This is how things really are. Stop trying to think with your mind and allow yourself to feel your way through it.

Things in your field of perception are there for a reason. Everything comes up into your view for a reason. You wouldn’t hear people having an argument that catches your attention if it wasn’t meant to be in your life. Release judgement. The growth you make here and now is sent to the other lifetimes. It can ease the journey if you choose to allow it to when received in other lifetimes.

Don’t be stuck in victim/perpetrator mode. History is based on perspective. Everything that happens to and around you is based on perspective. There is raw data there that we don’t see. You must go inside to find what resonates as your own personal truth. Don’t be afraid to change your mind as your perception of the truth changes. It doesn’t mean you aren’t grounded and rooted its in fact, your evolution.

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