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Soul within a Body

For so many years I thought the important thing is the Spirit. “You are a soul within a body”

"I worked to become enlightened so I could leave this “meat suit” as often as possible."

Four years ago, I became injured and started my journey of chronic pain, suffering daily. I used meditation to take me away from my body. I stopped exercising. I stopped eating healthy food. My body has become weak, depleted, heavy, old.

How could I be so blind? This body is created in perfect biology. I have to take care of it!

This is a Magical, Manifesting, Portal!

Incarnation of the Soul!

Spirit in Form!

We are not “trapped” in this body. We CHOSE to come and CREATE, to EXPERIENCE and LIVE in this body. Why are we so focused on not being in the body?

Let’s see what we were given!

Let’s see what this body can do!

The Spirit manifested the Body, in perfect form. Let your body be what it’s supposed to be, no matter the current circumstances. EXPERIENCE those circumstances. See the Pain and the Blessings. Appreciate them. Then decide what you want to see in your life and CREATE it.

Continue to tap into your higher self, and now allow it to move your body to an even more amazing physical experience.

Eat - Breathe - Laugh - ON PURPOSE! <3

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